The phenomenon of global warming and the major reason behind it

One of the major threats of this current generation is the advent of global warming at a rapid rate. Not only global warming but you can actually observe the climate change patter in different parts of the world. Now global warming is simply the phenomenon under which it is generally stated that the world atmosphere is heating up at an alarming rate. Since the discovery of this phenomenon, the reasons for it have been discussed and debated over many times among scientists. One of the major reasons that have come up in the debate is the use of plastic bags.

How can you tackle the use of plastic bags?

Now though there are many ways as to how one should tackle the use of plastic in today’s modern world. Produce woven bag for reduce global warming ( กระเป๋าถุงผ้า, which is the term in Thai) is one of the major propositions that come forward. The woven bag or cloth bags are much more eco-friendly than plastic or polyester ones. This is because the woven bags are biodegradable. This simply means that after a certain period of time the woven bags get degraded in the soil. Apart from this the global warming potential for the woven bags are much less as compared to the plastic bags. On the other hand, the industrial setup that produces woven bags is much less toxic and hazardous than the plastic bag production plants. The woven bags also is a mark of an intellectual and down-to-earth personality.

Produce your own woven bag online in Thailand

In Thailand, 12tees are providing the option to design and develop woven bags as per the choice of the customer. This simply opens New horizons for the customers. It is now only a matter of time that people will start to use more woven bags as a reference to their own personality and creativity. So if you want to design and own woven bags make sure you buy it from 12tees from their official website.