coconut and castor oils for hair

Coconut oil is a light yellow clear oil that, at temperatures below 27 ° C, becomes harder, resembling soft wax. It is easy to make it liquid again, only slightly heating. It is made from copra – white pulp of coconut palm nuts.

What does it give? It moisturizes, nourishes hair, protects from direct sunlight, sea and chlorinated water and other harmful effects; makes hair more obedient; enhances hair growth.

Nuances: The most useful is the oil squeezed by cold pressing dried copra, but such oil can be found very rarely and its cost is much higher. The hot method of obtaining oil is used more often, since it can be used to get more oil, albeit with fewer nutrients.

Coconut oil is not for everyone. Too thin hair can make it heavier, oily scalp can make it even more oily. Try using coconut oil once, and you will immediately understand how it suits you in Midtown Barbershop.

Coconut oil can be used as a hair mask, or can be added to shampoos.

Castor oil is obtained by hot or cold pressing of a common castor oil plant, has a specific smell, rather viscous consistency.

It strengthens and thickens hair; gives a natural healthy shine; moisturizes; helps to cure split ends, stimulates hair growth  improving blood flow.

This oil is more suitable for dry hair, can also be used on the scalp (if it is not oily) for moisturizing.

Well suited for those who have dry hair ends, but oily roots: in this case, castor oil can only be used at the ends!

Choosing castor oil, give preference to oil with a lighter shade, as such oil is better refined.

When you use castor oil for hair ends, remember that it does not dry out, as specialized store oils do, it must be washed off.

Some types of hair may darken after frequent use of castor oil.

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