Bags Manufactured From Produce – Let’s Reduce The Global Warming 

plastic bags are the major reason for the increase of global temperature as it has piled up as an enormous waste and takes more than four hundred years to undergo decomposition. This is a general fact and the problem is humungous. The mass production and usage of plastic bags are really big and its cons even larger. However, much like any other problem, this can be controlled to a certain degree by replacing these plastic bags with fabric or cloth bags manufactured using produce or natural fibres.

The paper industry is blossoming and there are many designs or choices for the users. It is now in the trend hitting the market as merchandise.

How do these reusable bags save the environment?

It’s common to hear that reusable bags are great for the environment – but why?

Here are the reasons why cloth bags can be the solution to the future:

  1. protection of wildlife: the plastic bags once gone to waste are dumped in the seas/ oceans or the countryside. This puts the flora and fauna of that particular place in extreme danger. Using reusable cloth bags can, in turn, save the fishes and mammal from imminent death.
  2. cleaner cities, parks and water bodies: plastic bags fly out of trashcans from landfill sites or waste trucks. Unlike them, reusable bags can be kept for a long time leading to cleaner and greener surroundings.
  3. limiting global warming: manufacture of plastic bags will go down drastically if there is increased use of plastic bags. Which is a great step to invade the catastrophic climate changes?
  4. improving drainage systems: plastic bags and litter clog the drains and gutters contributing to floods and diseases all around the world. Fabric or cloth bags pose no such threats to the environment.

Stop global warming by opting for reusable cloth bags.

A company in Thailand known as 12Tees manufactures a variety of fabric bags. These Produce woven bag to reduce global warming [กระเป๋าถุงผ้า, which is the term in thai] can be the solution to the drastic increase in temperature all around the globe. Buy these cloth bags instead of the harmful plastic ones and contribute towards the betterment of the earth and the human race.