What You Really Need to Know About Automotive Service Contracts

Purchasing an automotive service contract can be costly, not purchasing one can be equally or even more expensive. So what’s one to do? Only you can decide for yourself and make a decision that suits your particular needs. However if you’ve already made the decision to purchase it would behoove you to follow the guidelines […]

Securing Your Car Against Automotive Theft

Auto locksmiths provide locksmith and security services for vehicles. They can provide lockouts, code cutting of keys, keys duplication, extraction of broken keys, new keys reproduction, fobs programming, door lock and ignition lock repairing, and transponder keys. Some cars are equipped with an immobilizer system. This system guarantees that the car will only start if […]

Will the Chevy Volt Revolutionize the Automotive Industry?

In late fall of 2010, General Motors will be launching the Chevy Volt. The Volt is unique as it offers the environmental benefits of a standard electric car, without the limited range. Volts can travel up to 40 miles on electric power alone, before a gasoline engine kicks in to help recharge its batteries. Will […]

Why Canadian Automotive Dealerships Need Social Marketing

Facebook. Twitter. Flickr. These social spaces used to be buzz words. Now they are commonplace – and very heavily used. Facebook and Twitter are estimated to have close to one billion users between them (probably many of the same people using both). That’s over ten percent of the population of the entire world! It’s no […]