What you need to know about CBD products?

Nowadays, for a lot of people, CBD – also known as Cannabidiol – is their go-to choose of treatment for chronic mental and physical health ailments. It has replaced painkillers, antidepressants, and lots of anxiety and insomnia medication. Why? Some might wonder. Well, many of these medications are easily addictive. Additionally, CBD does not have […]

Weight Loss and Good Health are Not Always the Same

When they want to get fit and healthy, many people automatically think of losing weight. A few will think about adding muscle, but most will be concentrating on the weight loss aspect. However. weight loss is not always synonymous with better health. Oh, there is an excellent chance that, in most instances, getting rid of […]

Corporate Health Promotion Has 3 Years to Get It Right

In comments before the 2009 Annual Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference, Michael O’Donnell, PhD, MPH, MBA (Editor in Chief, American Journal of Health Promotion) described rapid changes in this field and what it meant to practitioners. “Despite 4 decades of corporate health promotion as a profession, there is still no consensus as to […]