Tips For Gifting Friends And Family With Personalized Products

Who has never been in a dilemma about gifting family and friends? Here are some ideas on how you can create personalized, creative and cost-free gifts.

Printed shirts and personalized mugs are good options for reaching a more emotional side of the gift. Here are some tips to keep in mind regardless of age:

Custom Shirts

There is not much to go wrong with the custom shirts. If you know your friends well, you know what they may or may not like. Check out some tips, and use t shirt printing Birmingham for them:


If the recipient of the basic print shirt is an adult, this may be the opportunity to abuse the puns or insert a custom design with some momentous moment in your life. It would also be nice, if one has children, to print a personalized t-shirt with their favourite photo and their children.


Considered by many to be the most difficult phase of life (parents who say so), adolescence does not make it difficult to choose gifts. Young people who go through this period usually like subjects that are in evidence in various media. Pop categories such as movies and current series can easily fit into beautiful shirt-print themes. Music artists are also good options to please the dear person who will be graced with the gift.


Speaking of kids, they also love getting printed shirts. Especially if the piece contains any characters dear to them. If they are too small, you can risk including children’s drawings that are successful on the internet or DVD. If you have already reached an advanced age, such as 6, 7 years, for example, maybe their wave is already turned to the world of superheroes.


You might be thinking that a basic print t-shirt would not be cool for the senior class. But why not? Seniors will surely enjoy having a shirt personalized with the surname coat of arms, for example, or with the names or photos of family members. Older people are also very fond of having something associated with their grandchildren. Do not miss this opportunity to please with a beautiful gift.

Personalized Mugs

Presenting with personalized mugs may be easier than with printed shirts. There is not much mystery in what to put in the items. As the idea is to please with a product that lasts a long time, the tip is to opt for the personalized porcelain mug. From there you can make a personalized photo mug, for example. Check out other suggestions for stamping the product:

  • Name
  • Family Surname
  • The family coat of arms
  • Club shield
  • Fiction characters
  • Loving message
  • Loved Name
  • Entertainment artist
  • Signature

How about starting to create your personalized gifts in our online studio? Give someone you love with a product that is full of personality, quality, and spending little.