Moving From Office Wears To Casual Wears

How do you wear the ‘Smart Casual’ dress code when it is not Casual Friday? And how do you dress elegantly and chic in your free time? Together with the guys from the online men’s magazine Snobtop, we have exclusively put together two matching outfits and explain how you can stylishly integrate the smart casual look into your own wardrobe after purchase from a polo shirt shop (ร้าน เสื้อ โปโล which is the term in Thai)

From The Office To The Dance Floor

What originally started as a party dress code has gradually become a term that has now shaped an entire style. Initially, the Smart Casual dress code was mostly used for invitations to parties that took place immediately after work. This dress code allowed guests to drive directly from the office to the event without changing their wardrobe at home. Only a few small changes to the classic business look had to be made in order to convince even after work. For example, the tie was left in the office or the suit pants were replaced by a beige chinos. So it should amount to a more casual version of the office outfit.

The smart casual outfit shown is ideal for the warm summer months and impresses with its lightness. Shirts and jackets are equally strong partners who stand for both looseness and professionalism. The light denim pants take the outfit a little bit stringency, while the belt sets a color highlight. Through the use of different materials, the outfit also radiates a lot of attention to detail.

The second outfit looks a little more relaxed. The casual combination of chinos, shirts and sweatshirts is the ideal companion for stylish leisure activities. The modern men’s shoes with brogues convey seriousness and English charm at the same time. The outfit is skilfully rounded off by the addition of the suede blouson and given a masculine touch by the combination of brown and blue tones.