Keys You Need To Know About E-Commerce

The first time we hear about e-commerce, we think of giants like Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress, because they are. But e-commerce, in general, are also all those that express their business and give visibility in the online world and, of course, globally to millions of users, regardless of their size.

That is why any business, any entrepreneur, can offer their business in the online marketing company (บริษัท การ ตลาด ออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai) at the click of a mouse, and the possibilities that are currently provided are brutal.

What Do We Want To Sell Online?

Do we want to sell from home with all the operations that this entails? This is closely related to the availability we have not only towards our clients, but we also need storage space.

Will we sell our products or those of others? These are the fundamental questions to paint on paper, because we will have to address different topics, and some of the tools do not adapt to this design.

Objectives To Define In The Strategy

First of all, we must have established what will be the concept of the store in which we think. For this, we will define in the strategy, how the following points will be undertaken:

  • Store implementation: There are several alternatives, but basically, we have the development of a platform with the consequent added cost but very ad hoc, or we can use the existing platforms that, although they also have certain charges, will always be lower.
  • Store promotion: Everything is important, but this will be the way to be seen as quickly as possible, but also, specifically by our target audience. These will range from optimization for visibility and natural positioning, to paid campaigns.
  • Store operation and logistics: These are keys to a business. We will define what the model of this business will be. Where will the products be and how will they be shipped to customers. What will be the stock, its management, and costs how returns and customer service will be managed.