Three Unmissable Tips To Attract More Customers With Your Logo

One of the first concerns when starting your own business is the visual identity of your brand. It is not by chance that great logos are part of the imagination of all of us. Just look at certain symbols or color combinations to remember the successful fast-food network, the bank, the sporting goods store, the famous cell phone, etc.

But the most crucial difference between a professional logo and one made “in any way” is how much you can (or cannot) make a profit with each one. Next, we invite you to know some fundamental tips to make your logo. Let us begin!

  1. Simplicity First

Your logo has to go straight to the point. No consumer is going to waste time trying to decipher a symbol or what it represents. And the picture is worse when the logo does not allow identifying what service you offer or what products you sell.

In order not to fall into this “virtual trap,” it is crucial that the logo design (รับออกแบบ โลโก้, which is the term in Thai) is as simple as possible. He needs to demonstrate its meaning and function in the most diverse sizes and contexts.

  1. Activate The Consumer’s Subconscious

Your symbol must show something positive about your brand. For example, in the Amazon logo, the arrow below the company name represents the movement from “A” to “Z.” The intention is to demonstrate that the company has a global reach, offering literally from “A” to “Z.”

Although the consumer does not understand immediately, his subconscious captures these strategic messages.

  1. It Must Be Timeless

Another essential characteristic of an attractive logo is its versatility regarding time. The major global brands manage to remain relevant even as the years go by.

Keeping the same logo for a long time benefits your business because every new project “upgrade” represents the potential risk of losing their identity. That is why few companies risk changing their logo, and even when they do, it is very subtle and strategic.