Proactive approach to cybersecurity: Best practices and ideas for businesses!

Businesses across different continents have suffered cyberattacks, and in the current world, it seems no company is immune to hackers and cybercriminals. Experts, however, agree on one thing – Having a proactive stance is the best way to reduce the cybersecurity risks. Businesses need to be a step ahead in plugging gaps within their security perimeters. In this post, we are sharing a few ideas and practices that will help businesses in maintaining that proactive approach.

Hire ethical hackers

Even the best networked devices, IP cameras, and PCs are prone to hacking. If you are wondering how to find security vulnerabilities, your best bet is hiring ethical hackers. The hackers know how to hack your company’s recorder, or check the security measures by finding flaws and bugs. Many big companies now have bug bounty programs, which offer scope for ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities, and in return, they get paid in various ways.

Get cybersecurity experts for policies

Establishing cybersecurity policies is an absolute must. Make sure that you hire cybersecurity experts for the same. This is not just about the measures, but also about staying compliant with necessary rules and regulations. Cybersecurity experts can guide your company on the basic steps that can be taken within the organization to enhance security, or how the employees can be trained about basic aspects of cybersecurity.

Keep testing networks, and check access rights

Networked devices, intranet, and subnetworks must be tested regularly. Many companies have their own teams to do the same, while others prefer hiring experts for the job. The idea is to find and fix every flaw and vulnerability, which may eventually become a backdoor entry for hackers. Also, it is absolutely critical to check for access rights. For example, the rights of an employee who has just left the job must be revoked immediately. It is necessary to have a transparent system, where the management knows who has access to what.

Update all software & firmware

This may seem like a basic thing about cybersecurity, but many businesses seem to be oblivious. Product manufacturers and developers are constantly patching security issues and other flaws, and they offer updates to existing consumers, so that they can get the latest version of software programs and firmware. Make it a point to update every app and program, as and when an update is available.

Finally, make sure that your employees are aware of cybersecurity measures and their role in protecting data, apps, programs and resources.