How To Rule Out A Car Fuel Pump Problem

Whether it’s a Hull taxi’s failure to start its engine or the fuel gauge’s meter being unresponsive, most people point to the fuel pump as if it’s the source of all problems. Before you start to shop for a 1969 Mercedes 280sl fuel pump online, hold back. It might not be the part you need to replace in your car.

It’s not fuel-related

An obvious clue that it’s not the fuel pump that is causing the problem is if the problem is not fuel-related. For example, if your dashboard does not light up, or your AC is malfunctioning but everything else works, most likely, the problem is electrical and not directly related to the fuel pump.

Fuel Electrical Circuit

There are also problems that may be fuel related but are not caused by a faulty 1969 Mercedes 280sl fuel pump. Your car’s fuel side also has other parts, and they might be the ones causing the problem. If you can’t check the fuel electrical circuit yourself, hire a mechanic to look into it. You can check a digital multimeter to do this. Check for continuity, ground, and power. Sometimes, too much unwanted resistance can also cause problems which might make you think it’s the 1969 Mercedes 280sl fuel pump which is causing the problem.


If you have a continuous system, you can check if the problem is rooting from your regulator. You can check if your regulator is working well by detaching the vacuum hose. Check if pressure increases or not. If the pressure does not increase, you might lack vacuum supply or you might need to replace your regulator.

Fuel Filter

If you suspect that your fuel filter is the problem, you can just install an external one. This might be easier than inspecting the filter inside your fuel system. Of course, this is only possible with a continuous fuel system. You must also make sure you are taking every precaution possible if you are doing this yourself. It is best to have a professional do it for you, but if you must do it on your own, wear protective gear and have a fire extinguisher nearby. You must also remember to relieve pressure from the regulator hose before attaching the external filter.

Professional scanner

Sometimes, you can scan for the problem. If you are willing to invest in a professional scanner, this gadget can give you a 95% reading of what the error in your vehicle might be. This can help you understand the gravity of the situation before consulting your mechanic.

Before purchasing a fuel pump

Prior to purchasing a 1969 Mercedes 280sl fuel pump, you need to do all the necessary tests to make sure it really is the problematic part. You might replace your fuel pump needlessly when it’s another part you should be repairing. Unless you are a mechanic yourself, DIY diagnoses are highly discouraged because you can end up breaking your vehicle further. It is best to have a professional mechanic look at your car, assess the situation, and help you shop for the part you need to replace. They can also tell you what compatible parts you may purchase if the exact model you are looking for is unavailable.

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