Good Reasons To Migrate To Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a little state with a coastline of more than 400 miles. It is also a great place to raise your family. There are good schools, access to plenty of cultures and abundant natural beauty. It is the tiniest but mightiest state in the US. Some good reasons to migrate to Rhode Island are given below.

  • Everyone is not more than one hour away from the stunning beaches of Rhode Island. The majority of the coastline is open to the public. Some of the spectacular sights on the East Coast can be enjoyed from Block Island, Newport, and Narragansett. 
  • The Island experiences four seasons within seven days. The summers are dazzling with warm temperatures and clear sunny skies. Spring seems pleasant when the days are warm and the nights are cool. The winters bring snowdrifts, skiing, and ice skating. The fall is spectacular with trees overflowing with colorful foliage and nice breezes. 
  • The majority of businesses and homes in Rhode Island use green energy from wind and solar technology. You will see plenty of solar panels on the roofs and even wind turbines while driving down the highways. The state is home to the first offshore wind farm situated on Block Island’s coast. Going green has helped the state to create energy and job opportunities.
  • Sports are taken seriously in Rhode Island. The legendary sports teams are an hour away from this tiny state – The Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins. All four teams are given full radio & TV coverage on the local channels. Rhode Island is also home to 2 minor league affiliates the Providence Bruins and the Pawtucket Red Sox.
  • Rhode Island is the home to Brown University, which is an original Ivy League school. There is Johnson & Wales, a popular culinary art school around the world. The school of design is also a top art school in the country. Rhode Island University and Providence College are popular for NCAA sports programs and even academics. 
  • Rhode Island is steeped in history and belongs to the original 13 colonies. It still takes pride in some old buildings and streets. Tuoro Synagogue is the oldest in the US but is based in Newport. The 10th oldest operating restaurant in the world ‘The White Horse Tavern’ is in Newport. The oldest carousel launched in 1876 sits in Watch Hill, on the beachside. The nation has the first Baptist Church in providence. It even has the first state-run airport, oldest library, and first automated post office. 
  • The food culture includes authentic cuisines from Italian, French, Indian, Asian, and Peruvian. There are a lot of comfort foods the state is popular for like Del’s Frozen soft lemonade, Iggy’s clam cakes, and Autocrat coffee milk. 

You can see the reasons to migrate to Rhode Island are great. If you are determined then make sure to look for a reliable mover company. You will also need a Rhode Island Car Transport Company. Ship a Car, Inc. is an experienced transport service that has direct access to a reliable carrier network. You can expect safe delivery of your vehicle along with the peace of mind. Contact the coordinator as soon as possible!

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