Custom Leather Holsters- A Convivial Study

If you are worried about finding the perfect fit to carry your revolvers most safely and efficiently as possible—then look no further! Custom leather holsters are the best solution to all your firearms problems. Custom leather holsters are a unique and variant way of carrying your firearms.

We see superb actors holding onto their custom leather holsters all the time in movies. We gush about them and sometimes wonder about the origin of the leather holsters. 

Why leather is the best choice for custom leather holsters

  • Leather has various unique and durable properties that make the perfect choice for making custom leather holsters.
  • The leather used in this case came from animal hides. Cowhides were considered to be the best choice. The skin was tanned and maintained for it to be long-lasting.
  • There are two popular processes for manufacturing leather now—

Vegetable tanning (from tree barks) and

Chromium tanning (chemically treated)

  • Leathers can last up to thousands of years if prepared with proper care
  • Leather has a certain rigidity that provides the much-needed protection to your firearms and hence the custom leather holsters
  • A piece of leather can be very easily transformed and carved into any shape and design intended

Examples of some custom leather holsters 

  • The IWB (Within the waistband) holster which is worn inside the waistline.
  • A shoulder holster which is worn on the shoulder
  • Belt loop holster
  • Ankle strap holster
  • A drop leg holster
  • A belly band is used to hold the holster and keep it secure in place
  • A tactical holster which is used in combat situations
  • An OWB (outside the waistband) holster which is worn outside the waistline

There are a few things one must keep in mind while purchasing custom leather holsters. Leather is a suitable material for holsters. But it comes in a lot of textures and colors. The things one must keep in mind while choosing the perfect leather for his custom leather holster are—

  • Rigidity
  • Durability
  • Affordability

The Right Belt

When shopping for a custom leather holster, it is very essential to choose the right belt as well. Given it is an IWB or OWB. To take the measurements of the western rig belt, one should put a measuring tape around their waistline as if it were a rig. It should not be too tight or too loose whilst being measured. If someone is planning to place the rig on their dress belt, then the measurements should be taken accordingly.

Buying the bestcustom leather holsters online

To get the premium quality gun holsters you need not visit stored physically now. Simply go online and take a look at the variety of options available. You can choose your custom leather gun holsters if it satisfies your needs. A custom leather holster is the best way to protect and preserve your firearms.

When your opponent discovers you carrying a firearm, violence comes into play. To avoid such circumstances a custom leather holster will outperform any other type of holster easily. Custom leather holsters are a great sign of professionalism and responsible citizenship. Custom finishes and leather engravings are another reason why custom leather holsters never go out of style.