Why It Is Necessary To Archive Your Business Text Messages

Having thousands of messages on your mobile phones or desktops can be a headache. And from time to time, we want to delete all those messages to free up your storage. But as a business owner, you should think twice before doing that. 

Here are the top reasons why archiving messages is vital to your company: 

1. Compliance

Regulated industries must record all business communications. This applies to any channel, so a lack of compliance could have disastrous consequences.

WeChat and Whatsapp compliance in archiving is crucial to ensure that they oblige with the law. Whatsapp compliance in archiving messages ensures that all business conversations are recorded and preserved, regardless of whether one party deletes chat, individual messages, or their profile. 

2. Optimize your business communications

Your text archive has a huge advantage: you can access many essential data. An excellent archiving system will offer advanced options allowing you to analyze and draw valuable conclusions from your archived data and extract information that will benefit your entire company.

Your archive as a strategic business asset rather than something you should only use in emergencies will provide you with unique insights into your organization and help you improve data management in all departments.

3. Detect leaks before they occur

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. It is much more challenging to prevent a potentially dangerous leakage from happening than it is to try and repair it after it has already happened. With that being said, ansms archiving will allow you to monitor all of your employee’s external or internal messages and can remind them if they use foul words that can affect your company. In this way, you can ensure that they are using the right words in representing your company. 

4. A single source of truth

Today’s businesses must deal with more communication channels than ever before and stricter regulations regarding conversations that take place through these channels. It is easy to manipulate a conversation by manipulating one side, even if you delete a message in a few taps. This can be especially dangerous in conflict situations where each side may have a different memory.

Text archiving provides you with an accurate digital record that can’t be altered. This includes messages deleted or accounts. This means you can have a complete accounting of all exchanges in case of a dispute.

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