This is what a small business owner should know:

Running a business whether small or large requires an insane amount of work. Only people who are passion driven can manage to work in the line of business. It is a myth that business owners have nothing to do but to look after their employees. A person who runs a business has to take a lot of decisions that require him or her to be audacious. It is a tiring process which elevates mental stress. In this competitive world, it is quite arduous to break through the competition and establish your brand. However, with the introduction of social media it has become quite an easy task now. Using social media you can connect yourself with your target audience. This is how people start to know that your product exists in the market. Self branding is something that every business should consider. In order to spike up your sales, you need to show that you are present in the market.

Focus on the financial health of your business:

The financial status of your business is the backbone of it. It acts as a fuel which is keeping your business going. Not providing attention to it can lead to the closure of the business. If you think that your business is not doing well financially then it could be because of heavy discounts that you might be offering, technologies that you do not need but still spending money in, etc.

Working with right people is crucial:

You need to work with the people who believe in your idea. Nobody will believe in your goals by just knowing them. You have to talk like a leader and make them trust that you can pull this off. It is also advisable to hire a business consultant[konsultan bisnis, which is the term in Indonesian], who will help you make the right decisions for the welfare of the company. A company’s success highly depends on the consultation it is getting. This let’s a company know whether a strategy is right or not.

Additionally, if you have employees at your company, you should consider investing in an employee tracking app as it will help you track whether or not your employees are actually working.