Pros and cons of carpet tiles

There was a time when the carpet tiles were only used in commercial spaces. Now, the carpet tiles have also become a popular choice for residential spaces as well. If you are considering carpet tiles for your home then I assure you that it can be proved as a much easier alternative to the traditional rolls of carpet. One must buy carpet tiles from the store or brand that offers a warranty. The warranty is very important to ensure you have some assurance of repair if bouncing, curling or shrinking occurs. Where there are many pros of carpet tiles, there are some pros as well. By reading them, you can determine well whether they are perfect for you or not.


  • Friendly Prices

The first great benefit of the carpet tiles is that they are available at friendly prices all over the world. The carpet tiles are the perfect choice for those people who are looking for a budget friendly option. By installing carpet tiles you can décor your residential or commercial space on a budget. There is too much waste in the case of the carpets whereas the carpet tiles have less waste.

  • Cost-Effective

If you are searching for a cost-effective flooring option then you can consider carpet tiles. Where the carpet tiles are available at friendly prices, its installation is a DIY task. It means you can do its installation yourself and save extra expenses. There are different videos available on the internet to which you can get an installation guide. Do only if you believe that you can. Otherwise, hire professionals for installation. 

  • Durable

Carpet tiles are built to last because they are specially designed for commercial use. They are extremely durable and have the strength to withstand daily heavy foot traffic and heavy machinery. The life span of less durable carpet tiles is between 8 to 10 years. The carpet tiles are replaceable, if any tile gets damaged you can replace this tile with a new tile.


  • Spills and Accidents

The carpet tiles are not good against spills and pet accidents. You can get the carpets with protection backing that will protect the carpet from moisture and spills. However, the carpet tiles are unable to do so. Because of many seams, the pet stains and spills can get absorbed inside. This will make stains difficult to remove.

  • Inconsistent Appearance

The carpet tiles are unable to provide a neat appearance as wall-to-wall carpets provide. No matter how carefully you will install the carpet tiles, they will not provide a uniform appearance like the carpeting. The seams will be visible and the naps may be slightly different from one tile to the next.

  • Less Comfortable

The carpet tiles come with a hard surface. Unlike the carpets, they cannot give softness to the feet.  However, you can install the carpet tiles with cushioned backing. There are many brands that are offering such services.