Knowing your rights pertaining to paid sick leaves that you are eligible for

The federal laws of the United States do not require any company to offer its employees paid sick leave. However, the state has different set of rules for themselves. Some states in the United States have made it mandatory to provide employees of an organization with paid sick leave. These seven states which have mandated paid sick leave would include CA, AZ, CT, OR, MA, VT and WA. However, each state is said to have its own set of paid sick leave rules that each organization has to adhere to. It differs from one state to another and is not common for the rest of the states. 

Knowing your right as an employee:

Many people who are employees of different organizations do not know their rights on the paid sick leave program. If you belong to any of the above-mentioned states then it is important that you go through the paid leave structure that the state government has put in place. Once you have a look at this you would get to know if you are getting your paid sick leaves or otherwise. In case you are not getting your paid sick leaves then it is important to take it up with the human resources department so that you are able to exercise your rights in the state that you belong to. 

What employers think?

It is quite obvious for employers thinking that they are hit below the belt with these new set of rules pertaining to paid sick leave. On the other hand, the employees are more than happy to exercise their rights and get paid for their sick leaves as well. In case you have any concerns or questions about the paid sick leave policy of your state you can look up on the internet for information about the same.