How to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolates

If you are an avid mushroom eater, making magic mushroom chocolates is a fun project to take on. The mushrooms are easy to grow, and the process of creating these treats is very simple. You will need three to five grams of dried mushrooms for every two grams of chocolate.

If you are new to the process, you can try cooking with dried magic mushrooms. The dried mushroom has a very unpleasant taste, but once cooked, you can enjoy its taste and nutritional value by incorporating them into your chocolates.

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with smaller amounts of mushrooms and increase the amount later as you get used to it. If you’re a tripper, you can add more mushrooms to get the same effect. Just make sure you note the amount of mushrooms you add. Otherwise, you may be tempted to share the chocolate with other people. You can always share the homemade versions of magic mushroom chocolates with friends and family.

In addition to making your own magic mushroom chocolates, you can also purchase them from a store or online. Typically, these products do not have a very long shelf life. Although you can eat them right away after they’ve been prepared, it is not recommended that you keep them in the refrigerator for an extended period of time. Instead, they should be left at room temperature to keep their freshness. If you keep the chocolates at room temperature, they’ll last for a couple of weeks maximum.

Making magic mushroom chocolates is a relatively simple process that takes only a few steps. It is possible to combine the mushrooms and chocolate in a kitchen with a good coffee grinder to create delectable treats. Keep in mind that it is illegal to purchase and sell magic mushrooms, and that by doing so, you are putting yourself in danger. Also important is noting the dosage because you’ll want to be able to tell other people exactly how much shrooms they’re getting from the chocolate if you share it with them.

According to the size of the chocolate pieces you’re making, you should add an appropriate amount of mushrooms to your chocolates. Four grammes of mushrooms will yield eight 0.5 gramme pieces, or approximately one-half of a gramme of each type of mushroom.

You will need to adjust the amount of mushrooms you use depending on the type of chocolate you are making. Mushrooms should be used in small quantities when making a single chocolate bar (less than four grammes). Using more than eight pieces of chocolate, you’ll need to combine two cups of the chocolate ingredients.

Magic mushroom chocolates should be stored at room temperature because they don’t last as long as other mushroom products and therefore should be stored at room temperature. It is important to note that it is not recommended to keep your magic mushrooms in a closed container for more than two weeks after they have been harvested.

However, if you don’t want to take any chances, you can try making the chocolate by yourself. If you’re a beginner, you can start by melting a small batch of chocolate and storing it in a tightly sealed container.