Health and Wellness: Secret of Success

How can I take 20 years of clinical experience and begin to explain the secrets of health in just a few words? The answer is simple. You see, I used to stress about the challenges and obligations of educating patients on the importance of various health issues but not anymore.

In today’s information revolution we have access to anything we can imagine, including an overabundance of health related secrets and strategies at our disposal. While it is true that there are some extreme views out there, when it comes to health advice regarding diet, exercise and weight management to name a few, the truth is that there are numerous ways to accomplish our goals that are available right at our fingertips. Don’t get me wrong if there are people who need education due to a specific request or language barrier or something of that nature I will take as long as it takes to explain both in simple and medical terms to the best of my ability, but those demands are not what they were 20 years ago.

I’ve heard it said regarding health and wellness, “It seems like the patients know more than the doctors.” That may be pretty accurate sometimes as doctors tend to excel at their interest or specialty yet we as patients and as people have been programmed if you will to research everything, including our health.

So what is the secret to health, wellness and peace of mind? The answer is that there are countless paths to accomplish the goal. The key is not the how…it is the when. When you and I make a decision to take the information available and act on it is when health can be improved. The secret and the responsibility on achieving health must start with a strong enough conviction to choose a different or improved lifestyle.

Western healthcare and Eastern healthcare alike have fought both externally and internally on the philosophy of what works and what doesn’t…normally with government and lobbyist interest behind the efforts. It’s true that much of the different recommendations around the world are driven not only by tradition, innovation and education, but also by money.

So who do we trust? Trust yourself as at the end of the day you must want to achieve your health goals more than your family, your friends or your doctor. Take responsibility and decide that failure is not an option as all other types of health advice is secondary to this fact. I encourage you to build a support group either in person and / or online to set goals and discuss how your health is doing, what is working for you and for others. Lastly, seek out as much free information as possible. Don’t have your advise tainted by who may stand to profit from your interest.

Congratulations, you have researched and made it to the end. Did you know studies indicate that most people who buy a book don’t read past the first chapter? That is the point to this article, you see it is not up to me…it’s up to you. I hope this made you think, made you excited, made you mad, made you something? It is the emotional response that drives us to action, I challenge you to make a decision about your health today. Feel free to link below for more strategies and remember, there are several ways to get there, but most people never reach there goals because they don’t put into practice what they already know. Finish the book, finish the race and improve your health now… the quality of your life may depend on it. Best Wishes.