Although Seroquel may not be a regulated drug, it can be abused or misused. It is more likely to be abused when taken without permission or in a manner different than that recommended by a health practitioner. According to assessments seroquel addiction, Seroquel is perhaps the most abused alternative therapy.

Seroquel is considered to be abused and misused because it decreases anxiety and alleviates sleep problems, rather than because of its euphoric effects. Although their doctors’ cautions, some patients use the medicine in bigger doses, greater frequency, and for a prolonged period than is recommended

Exploitation in People with a Drug Use History

Seroquel usage is more frequent in those who have a drinking problem, according to multiple case studies. Several case reports involve convicts in jails or institutions who choose to use Seroquel since accessing regulated medications such as opiates and benzodiazepines is not an option in such circumstances.

Addiction Possibility

The Korean Society of Experimental Pharmacology investigated the drug’s ability to cause physically and emotionally dependency. Their findings indicate that quetiapine has an effect on the neurological systems associated with abuse vulnerability. They discovered that it has the potential to create psychological dependency as well.

Increasing Resistance

Seroquel can make life much easier for persons suffering from serious mental conditions. People who do not have mental problems may discover that the medicine helps them feel joy and relaxation. The more people abuse the substance, the more likely it is that they will acquire tolerance. To achieve the same pleasure, they’ll need to take ever bigger dosages. Not everyone who misuse Seroquel becomes an addiction. However, abuse is the first step on the path to addiction.

Simple to Abuse

The substance has the potential for abuse since it is available in an easy-to-abuse form. People can either swallow the tablet whole or smash it and snort the powdered. When snorted or injected, the substance causes a significant dopamine rush, which could also lead to drug.