Difference Between Wood And Vinyl Blinds

When it comes to the selection of perfect window treatments for your home, you may have to prepare yourself to be presented with a wide array of choices. Different blind types, different material choices, different features and functionalities, the list is infinite. However, most people get confused between the two popular types of blinds: vinyl blinds vs. wood blinds. Choosing the one between these two can quite be a bit challenging. Your top considerations should be budget, post-care, purpose, and window size. Let’s continue the comparison guide between these two types of blinds.

Wood Blinds Or Vinyl Blind: Which One Is Best For Your Home?

These two popular types of blinds need no introduction. Wood blinds are glamorous, luxurious, and timeless beauties that are made of natural wood. They look stunning everywhere. By contrast, vinyl blinds are cost-effective, versatile, and offer great moisture resistance properties. So, we can say that both types are good on their own. Let’s compare the two:

  1. Budget

The first and the most important consideration you may need to focus on while buying vinyl and wood blinds is budget. Vinyl blinds are cost-effective yet durable and stylish. Wood blinds, on the other hand, are an expensive option. If you are installing wooden blinds with a tight pocket, there is a big NO.

  • Moisture Resistance

Another main factor you may need to take into consideration is purpose. For which area do you want these blinds? Wooden blinds are a big no for areas that are in continuous exposure to heat and moisture this is because there is a very poor relationship between water and wood. Moreover, they start to peel off once exposed to heat and humidity. Due to these reasons, vinyl blinds are a better option because they can resist moisture well. Wood blinds, by contrast, would be great for bedrooms, living rooms, or kid’s rooms to enhance the visual appeal.

  • Maintenance And Care

Is after-care of your window treatments something you are worried about? If yes, never go for wood blinds because they require high maintenance. Vinyl blinds, on the other hand, require less maintenance. They require only a little vacuuming to keep them in good shape and functional.

  • Window Size

Wood window treatments would work best for large windows because they are easy to operate due to their lightweight and rigid nature. Whereas vinyl blinds are not suitable for large windows because they bow and buckle due to their heavyweight.

  • Versatility

Choosing vinyl blinds means you have a wide array of style, color, and pattern choices because they are very versatile. Their stylish look can fit best any interior décor. But, with wood blinds, you may have limited choices.

We hope the above comparison guide between wood blinds and vinyl blinds will help you make the right decision. Both of these window treatments are versatile, charming, and elegant. Your final selection depends upon your budget and of course, purpose.