A comprehensive guide on a Japanese government scholarship

The education expense is ever-increasing, and keeping this in mind scholarship programs are provided by different countries to aid meritorious students study abroad.

Are you a citizen of Thailand and planning to study in Japan? Then you should apply for the Japanese government scholarship [ทุน รัฐบาล ญี่ปุ่น, which is the term in Thai], to make your learning experience worry free. 

Features of the scholarship

This scholarship covers your entire tuition fees, including your monthly expenses. You can apply for this scholarship if you want to pursue any graduation course at the university. 

Usually, this facility is for five to seven years of your study time.  Ten to fifteen full scholarships are allotted under this program.

This scholarship is designated to students of various studies related to under-graduation, research, teacher training, technology, etc.

Eligibility criteria 

If you want to apply for this scholarship program you need to have these:

  • You are supposed to be of Thai nationality under 25 years (April 1 of the following year should be taken before your age calculation).
  • You ought to be a graduate from a high school or currently a student who will probably graduate in March next year.
  • The total GPA from your grade 4 should not be less than 3.50

Selection procedure for this program

To get this scholarship, you will have to sit for an exam that is executed in two rounds. 

The first round includes the written exam. You will have to face an interview in the second round. 

To get through this difficult exam smoothly, you need to prepare well in advance. You can enroll in an online tutorial designed to cater to this exam. Such courses are continued for about a year.

So, all these details will help you succeed in this exam and help you secure a full Japanese government scholarship.

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