How to avoid some of the common mistakes in the Indian Rummy game?

Rummy might seem like an easy card game. But it is not so. It is one of the toughest games to master and become an expert at. The Indian Rummy is one of the most interesting games that one might come across. But to be good at it requires a lot of patience and practice. Without these two, it is not possible for any individual to be good at the game. But he or she is bound to make some serious mistakes while playing the Indian card game of rummy on an online platform.

Some of the common mistakes that the players might make while playing rummy

  • Playing rummy cash games without proper practice:

When you start playing a sport you start from the basic rules of it. Then you move forward step by step with long hours of practice before you play with the other players who are at your level. Similarly, rummy too is a card game that requires several rounds of practice. If you enter the world of cash games right away, you are playing with people who are already experienced at the game. So there’s a very low chance of you winning the game and a high chance of losing out on your money. If you feel like you are close to declaring your cards but only some of them are holding you back, then the only answer is practice. Hence, learn to sort your cards, brush up on your strategies and then play the rummy games to earn money and win other rewards.

  • The right combination of colors:

A major part of the game depends on arranging the cards according to their number and shapes. This may hinder your thinking process especially in a fast-paced game like rummy. Sort out the black and red cards separately. This will help you to get a grasp on the cards much quicker. Then try to form the sets of pure and impure sequences to move forward in the game.

  • Have the patience to figure out the moves of your opponents:

Patience is a virtue that is heavily required in the Indian rummy game. It’s very important to figure out the cards or the sequences that your opponents are forming. This can only be done by thorough practice sessions on the free rummy games available. For example, if you see your opponent picking up two 5s of different shapes from the discarded pile of cards, he or she’s making a sequence in that suit. In that case, if you have the number 5 card of another shape, do not discard it or else it’ll help your opponent to move faster towards his victory. Hence practice sessions are a must in the Indian rummy game.


These are some of the ways in which one can avoid some common mistakes in the Indian rummy game. Through immense practice become an expert and win rewards.