Comparing 13 Cards Rummy and Indian Marriage Rummy: Similarities and Differences

Gin rummy | Card Game, Rules & Variations | BritannicaRummy is a staple card game in Indian households. Everyone plays Rummy games when they meet their favourite cousin or meet at their college get-together. It is just something that Indians do: play Rummy whenever time permits.

Since Rummy is highly significant in Indian culture, Rummy games have found their way into people’s lives in various ways. There are two popular variants of traditional Indian Rummy: the 13-card Rummy and Marriage Rummy. 

Both of these games can be mistaken for each other since there are various similarities. However, there are a few differences as well. This blog compares the 13-card Rummy and marriage Rummy!


  • Connections 

Marriage Rummy is a variant of the classic 13-card Indian Rummy. Whereas the 13-card Indian Rummy is a variant of the Indian Rummy. Basically, they have a chain relationship with each other.

  • Game Objective

The objective of the 13-card and marriage Rummy is the same as any popular variant of Rummy. The objective is to form valid sets or sequences of the cards available and drawn. 

  • Strategies

All the strategies, starting from adaptation to misdirection and bluffing to card manipulation, are the same for both games. One needs to be highly skillful in order to win these games.

  • Number of Cards

Typically, the number of players allowed to participate in both 13-card and marriage Rummy are from 2 to 6. It might vary from variation types, though.

  • Rules and Regulations

The 13-card game and marriage game follow all the basic Rummy rules and regulations. Players take turns discarding and drawing their cards, and player declaration is an essential part of the process in both variants.


  • Number of Cards Dealt

As the name suggests, in the 13-card Rummy, each player is dealt 13 cards. Whereas, in marriage Rummy, the number of cards dealt can be different depending on the round. 

  • Pure Sequences 

In Indian marriage Rummy, it is necessary for players to complete at least 3 pure runs of sequences. Pure sequences signify that the joker card isn’t used. In 13-card Rummy, it is important that a player must form at least one pure sequence to declare. 

  • Scoring System

In Marriage Rummy, the scoring system is based on the number of pure sequences and the value of unmatched cards. This scoring system is significantly different from that of the 13-card Rummy. In 13-card games, points are assigned based on the value of the cards that are not melded.


We can conclude the blog by saying that the 13-card Rummy and marriage Rummy are distinctly different with similar features. At the end of the day, there is no denying that they are 2 different variants of the same game. 

Once you start playing these variants, there is no stopping because they provide engagement and entertainment that will fill hours of your day.